• What I found best training with Lisa, was that the gym is never overcrowded, the atmosphere is informal, and Lisa doubles as my life coach!
    — Peter O
  • Lisa has been my trainer for 17 years, she's never stood me up once, punctual always, and I wouldn't still be here if she didn't keep me motivated.
    — Debs
  • I've lost 27kg training with Lisa, after doing all manner of crash diets, and exercising like a crazy person, sometimes you just need to gather yourself, understand the science, and let your body work with you, it's not as complicated or as hard as one might expect!
    — Karen L
  • Lisa's knowledge of nutrition is exeptional, she's able to convey it in an easy to understand manner, and eating in this way never feels like a diet. The whole point of this is that it should be a lifestyle that's sustainable, we all want to live healthier, younger, longer!
    — Shaun G

Before & After

These are some of the extraordinary results we have achieved using somewhat counter-intuitive methods, we have learned over the years through trial and error, that high volume protocols are extremely counterproductive, no matter what the current media trends suggest, we have had extraordinary success with our methods, which are repeatable. And this flies in the face of the accepted norm. Here are some of the results which were attained in a 9-12 week period. Many of these people below lost 10-15% of their body fat in 11 weeks. What makes this significant is that it was consistent across the board and is repeatable. Personal training at Unique Physique will be an incredibly rewarding experience, if you're prepared to commit and follow our protocols.


When you have persisted with dieting & exercise all your life, then to meet Lisa and discovery you have been going about it the wrong way, makes you wonder why the media keeps misinforming us. Together with Lisa’s in-depth knowledge and constant motivation, I have managed to look my best at age 38, after 2 kids, with more muscle- distinctly better results, in less training time. What’s not to like! With Lisa by your side your body WILL change! Love her work. 
Anyone would be lucky to have her guidance………………
— Carly L
I was sent to Lisa from a doctor, who confirmed from results of my blood work, that I had compromised my wellbeing. I had dangerously high cholesterol and blood pressure readings and hormone levels which left much to be desired. Within 4 months of training with Lisa and following her nutritional advice, I have completely changed physically, and as a result of that, my state of mind has significantly improved, and decisions I have made with this self worth has impacted my life in every avenue for the better. So as a result, Lisa has completely changed my life, and I am privileged and honored knowing her.
— Johnathan H
Be prepared to be shocked because dieting and training is not what anyone thinks it is. I have achieved results way exceeding my expectations and at the age of 40, I look better than I did in my twenties and thirties. Lisa is the best!!!
— Bernard
Whatever your goal is physically, Lisa is the answer and most certainly the best there is. Who would have guessed that all my hours of running a day and starving on a low calorie diet was not at all what it’s about- Lisa is invaluable in my life
— Ailiya